Electric games international meeting and competition of Electric Ride


What’s that ?

The Electric Games Cup is a new challenge for the 2020 edition. During different trials, competitors will face each others in successive waves to move up the overall ranking and try to reach the podium. Competitors will be selected through a qualification round on saturday, in order to run for the final on sunday morning.
Please note that there will be a limited number of participants.

Exhilarating thrills, adrenaline, sport and show guaranteed!

Who can participate?

he Electric Games Cup is open to all adult competitors (over the legal age of majority). Registration is separate and must be done beforehand (on this website).
All types of Personal Transport are allowed (same groups as the time trial competitions).
It is mandatory for contestants to wear comprehensive protective gear. Registration will be possible on this website, after the purchase of a normal ticket.
The registration form will be available very soon.


Electric Games Cup trials

The challenge is made up of 3 trials: competitors will face each other on Street, Skatecross and Rallye-Raid trials. Ranking is separate from the time trials.
Specificities of each trial are clarified in the following explanations.

Please check the schedule for times and phases.

Street Cup

This challenge takes place on the same circuit as the time trials.

There are 5 categories : unicycle, e-skate (inflatable wheels), e-skate (urethane wheels), e-scooter, Onewheel.
Number of participants is limited to 20 for the unicycle, Onewheel and e-scooter categories.

Group phases will take place on saturday morning, competition on sunday morning.
There will be 3 qualification runs for each contestant, each time with 3 different competitors.
The start of the race will be done in successive waves of 4 contestants (according to a predefined list). Contestants must complete 2 laps (1 lap = 650m).
Points will be attributed after each run (1st scores 4 points, 2nd scores 3, 3rd scores 2, and 4th scores 1).
This ranking based on points will allow the best competitors from each category to access the final phases on sunday.
In case of draw with this point system, the best lap during the qualification phases will be used to decide between competitors.
Final phases : 1/4, 1/2 and final. For the skate categories : 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and final.
The start of the race will be done in successive waves of 4. Contestants must complete 2 laps. The 2 best contestants qualify for the next level until the final is reached.

Skatecross Indoor

New challenge for 2020 : a 120m circuit under the covered market place, made up of more challenging modules than the Street circuit. One side a the circuit contains chicanes (used for the « joker lap »).

There are 4 categories : unicycle, e-skates, e-scooter and Onewheel. The number of contestants is limited to 16 for each category. There is a qualification run (eliminatory) and then a semi-final and a final. The race starts with 4 contestants; starting position will be selected at random.

Each round lasts 4 laps, including a compulsory run through the « joker lap ».

The 2 best contestants for each run go to the final phase.


The circuit used for this competition is the same as the Off-road.
Because of the nature of the terrain, there is no qualification round but there is directly a final.

Registration is mandatory; there will be only one run on saturday.

The start of the race will be done in successive waves of 4 contestants (according to categories) every 20 sec.
Contestants will have to complete 2 successive laps on the Off-road circuit (approx. 7 kms).
The contestant with the best time lap (for each category) wins.

Competition will take place on saturday at 5.45 PM, after the time trials.