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Winglets Bixo

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The sport accessory to push the limits on unicycle!


2 removable winglets in TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) – 3D printing –
can be adapted on any unicycle model

Fixed by powerful scratch (Velcro)


Bixo© winglets have been designed by an enthusiast wheeler and an all-rounder IT specialist.
Together they developped a removable accessory, suitable to a large majority of unicycle, allowing to optimise the support and balance on the wheel, especially for off-roads, curves and during jumps.

How it works : Bixo© winglets are fixed on the wheel’s shell using powerful scratch (Velcro) and can be repositionned. Their « hook » shape allows the foot to fit perfectly on the pedal, the top of the foot beeing in contact with the bottom of the winglet, and the ankle slightly maintained.

The winglet allows for a better prehension of the wheel, in the curves or during jumps ; the rider stays in control of his machine.
Using the winglet, you cannot fall forward anymore or feel unstable on your feet at high speed on unsteady grounds.
You can pull out your feet from the winglets very easily.
The winglets add a nice touch to your wheel, and they will also protect the shell in the event of a fall.
You can put them on or remove them within seconds, just as you wish.

The material used (TPU) is quite flexible, so as it cannot break or hurt you.
However, TPU is very resistant to abrasion.

It is advisable to use a removable foam part fixed with Velcro (DIY), in order to strengthen the winglet on the shell, and to increase contact with the ankle bone.

Fixing on MSX

Fixing on KKS18 L-XL (temporary fixing for test)

Fixing on Inmotion V10F (temporary fixing for test)


Black, white


With Velcro, Without Velcro