Electric games international meeting and competition of Electric Ride


What’s that ?

Time trial is a set of 3 trials : Cross Country, Street and Agility Slalom , including a qualifying round and a final round. Contestants aim at scoring their best lap time. These times will provide the rankings of contestants and the podiums.

Who can participate ?

Time trials are open to all participants who bought a ticket.
Regular participants will recognize in these trials the usual tournaments of the past Electric Games.
Registration for the time trials allows contestants to register also for the Electric Games Cup (for those who wish to do so).

All types of Personal Transport are allowed : Unicycle, E-Skate Street, E-Mountainboard, E-Skate Off-roads, OneWheel and E-Scooter. Contestants are split in groups, according to the Personal Transport type, its specs, and the contestant’s age.

All the different trials have to be conducted with the same machine (there is an exception for the Esk8: contestants can register in 2 distinct categories, Street and Off-roads. Rankings will therefore also be dinstinct).


Each contestant will go through the selection process according to schedule on Saturday, and then through the final rounds on Sunday. Best lap during each trial on Saturday will be used for the running order on Sunday.

Specificities of each trial are clarified in the following explanations.


On a rolling and widing route (approximately 3,5 km length), contestants will have to demonstrate moderation and tenacity in order to score best time!
Times will be measured by the electronic WebScorer (esk8.eu). This system is not affected by interferences caused by some machines ( in theory !).

Please bear in mind that that there is a moderate risk of falling during this trial, because of the nature of the terrain. Circulation along the river banks will be protected as much as possible, knowing that each participant is supposed to master his own machine in all circumstances.

E-skate participants are excused for this trial, as the machine is not suited for this type of trials.

Contestants start one after another, which does not prevent to overtake another participant along the road. Contestants will have 30 minutes to score their best lap (The 30minutes time slot allows approximately 2 to 3 laps overall).



The race takes place on a karting type circuit (700m length).

With a given timing, contestants will have to realize their best time on 4 laps maximum.

Contestants start one after another, with a maximum of 10 contestants simultaneously on the circuit.

Assessors will be positionned at several strategic places in order to verify that there is no cheating. Malus points will be given to those trying to bypass or tamper with obstacles.
Please note that some obstacles might be optional for some groups, according to security or practicability.


Agility Slalom

Unlike the Street or the Off-Road, Agility Slalom will take place on Sunday morning only.

It will take place next to the Street circuit. Contestants will have 2 hours, between 9 and 11 AM, to take the circuit once and try to score their best lap.


Final rankings and awarding of prizes will take place on Sunday at 4.30PM, under the covered central market place.